Our Evidence Based Practice Services

In providing services, we engage in a collaborative and participatory style with our clients, conduct on-site training and evaluation, develop software solutions, consulting as well as conferences andworkshops. 

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We work with our clients to build capacity and develop effective planning, implementation and measurement structures and techniques to manage and monitor programs, secure funding and other resources, identify areas in need of improvement, and assess program implementation and impact.

Policy-makers, funding agencies, and the general public are demanding greater accountability from institutions and service providers.  To succeed in a climate of accountability and declining resources, and to fund and sustain programs in spite of serious economic difficulties, strategic planning and evaluation have become essential.  

Joyfields Institute assists with these challenges and emerging requirements by providing training, consultation, software solutions and evaluation services within the public, private, and non-profit arenas.  Our aim is to bring success to our customers by providing high quality services.

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