"In fast changing conditions, those who are not evidence-based will likely struggle, and some may not survive. On the other hand, those that are evidence-based will likely do well, and perhaps even thrive". David Myers, PhD. Professor, University of New Haven, Author "How to Become an Evidence-Based Organization (EBO)".

Institute for Evidence-Based Solutions

Take Your Organization Further

Our Evidence Based Solutions

Proven Pathway For Organizations

1. Performance Reports

Assess & Decide

Employees are evaluated. How about programs and the agency? Evaluate work being done with an Evidence-Based Performance Report Card to point you confidently where you ought to go.

2. Training

Confident Action

Knowing where you improve is half the challenge. Take action with live onsite and virtual training and development, and finish knowing you have made the right choices make your organization better.

3. On-Demand

Efficiency 24/7

Access Online Self-Paced resources at your fingertips from where and when you want across your organization. Makes all the difference when you aspire for achieving uncommon success.

4. Certified Standards

Industry Credentials

Having achieved at this level, earning your Evidence-Based certification can be an effective way to set yourself apart in the market place, and perhaps boost staff career development prospects.


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