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Accountability & Problem-Solving Courts

Evidence-Based Training to StrengthenĀ Service Providers


These courts have been set up around the country as an intervention to work with people convicted of nonviolent crimes and prevent jail time. Such individuals are diverted to go through counseling, rehabilitation programs, and community service work to avoid jail time. Accountability courts are always an alternative way to handle a sentence.

In order for this to work well the courts must coordinate training designed to provide its staff of service providers the necessary skills and tools for working with its offenders receiving services. This entails coordination at different levels - determining training needed, who would deliver said training, where to train, who is qualified to train, select the trainers, who will train attend and when, order training manuals, deliver the training, provide credentials, and on it goes.

This can be daunting.

Joyfields Institute has been privileged to work with courts systems to get this done as smoothly as is possible.

We have coordinated and scheduled, and delivered training to hundreds of courtsā€™ providers from different states - on-site and virtual, ordered training manuals, and,

  • Provided needed CE training hours documentations.

  • Review opportunity to deliver booster sessions designed to reinforce what was taught

  • Work with program monitors to shape content of the booster sessions

  • Explore opportunities for helping providers acquire evidence-based skills for serving clients

  • Evaluate progress being made and adjustments needed


Please review the services we provide and request a quote from us. Services we provide include;

  • Training on Evidence-Based subject matter

  • Organizational Performance Report Card

  • Professional Evidence-Based Certifications

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Our numerous customers and their staff have great things to say about our strong training program. View what some have to say below.

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  • "The trainer helped me learn with real-life examples and anecdotes that I could relate and connect with."

  • "The role plays, practice and demonstrations during the training helped to reinforce what was being taught"

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