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Community Corrections & Supervision

Working with mandated citizens can be challenging. Probation departments who take on thses challenges have to have effective skills to get the job done right. This is why many probation departments depen on Joyfields Institute for their training in evidence-based approaches.

This is where Joyfields Institute can help. We are your independent evidence-based training and evaluation partner working collaboratively to ensure your staff receive training they need at a moments notice. And becauuse the institute focuses stricly on evidence-based approaches you can be assured its what you will get everytime.

Joyfields Institute has worked with local, state and federal probation department to deliver training on evidence-based approaches to meet their needs. 

Let us help you as an objective partner hold your grantees accountable in ways that dont breath down their necks!

Join Countless Customers

Our numerous customers and their staff have great things to say about our strong training program. View what some have to say below.

to see a list of our customers.

  • "The trainer helped me learn with real-life examples and anecdotes that I could relate and connect with."

  • "The role plays, practice and demonstrations during the training helped to reinforce what was being taught"

Let's Get You Started

Please review the services we provide and request a quote from us. Services we provide include;

  • Training on Evidence-Based subject matter

  • Organizational Performance Report Card

  • Professional Evidence-Based Certifications

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