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Thank you for your interest in Joyfields Institute Associate Faculty membership. We look forward to working with you for the success of clients we mutually serve. The following guidelines are in place to assure smooth sailing from start to finish.

As a professional you assume key responsibilities when you agree to participate in our workshop education program. These commitments help to give workshop education its quality and consistency. As a speaker, you agree to do the following:

  • PROVIDE a high quality education program, which includes current, accurate and relevant information on the topic.
  • RECOGNIZE that as a trainer your relationship with Joyfields Institute is as an Independent Contractor.
  • HONOR the Speaker’s Agreement in all circumstances.
  • REFRAIN from verbally marketing any of your products or services immediately before, during, or after your session(s) and further refrain from giving away or raffling any products or services during your session.
  • PREPARE abstract of training materials by specified deadline
  • ARRIVE prompt and prepared
  • COMMUNICATE with Joyfields Institute upon arrival at workshop site via phone, email or text messagelive workshop
  • CONFIRM travel & lodging arrangements with Joyfields Institute

Much of the information about workshop responsibilities is included in the Call for Speakers (CFS) form or would have been communicated in conversations with one of our contacts. You may also receive a Speaker Agreement.

You will be asked to:

  • Provide an electronic copy of your session handout
  • Verify audio/visual requirements
  • Provide a short biography to promote you on-site and electronically
  • Review the session goals and objectives submitted on your CFS
  • Provide a photo (head shot preferred):
    • .jpg (high resolution) file
    • 5x7 color photo at 300dpi or equivalent (originals preferred)


Attendees expect a handout. Historically sessions without handouts tend to receive lower evaluation ratings. When developing your session material, please;

  • Include your title and name as a header (in a smaller font) on the first slide
  • Number each page
  • State session learning objectives at the beginning, using the statement: After completing this session the attendee will be able to . . .
  • Provide a course outline or table-of-contents on page 1
  • Update content as appropriate so you are presenting the most current message on your topic. Make sure all copyrighted terms or materials are used correctly within the handout
  • Make sure that material relates to stated objectives and follows the order in which it will be presented
  • Focus on practical applications
  • Develop material that is useful during the session
  • Create a handout that is a handy reference after the session
  • Include note-taking space in the handout
  • Consider a format that is a skeletal outline of the session
  • Submit electronic copy of the handout (in Word or PowerPoint format) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by deadline agreed to in writing or verbally.

Please DO NOT;

  • Include a promotional flyer as part of the handout
  • Address topics that are not part of your stated objectives
  • Theorize - ideas should relate to real-world situations
  • Include a cover page, since Joyfields develops standard cover pages for all handouts

Speaker Biography

Keep your biography short - something that can be read aloud in one to three minutes. Make it a professional and friendly introduction. When you prepare your biography, make sure it answers the question: “Why am I qualified to speak on this subject?” A good biography builds credibility. As a final touch: Include something unique or personal about yourself.

When you know your audience and their needs, you are more likely to have a successful session. Understanding the who, what, and when can make the difference.

Naturally, we assume responsibilities to make your session successful. We appreciate and respect your commitment to the assigned deadlines and agree to do the following when each deadline is met:

  • PAY speaker fees as established
  • PAY specified expenses incurred as established
  • BOOK travel & lodging
  • CONFIRM logistics
  • COMMUNICATE details with client
  • COPY and DISTRIBUTE your handout
  • DISTRIBUTE, collect and tabulate session evaluation forms
  • PROVIDE a lectern, lavaliere microphone, flipchart & markers (if needed)
  • SEND you written notice of cancellation of the session
  • COMPILE your session evaluations and forward the information to you

Joyfields provides A/V equipment for each session as outlined in the Speaker Agreement.

For All Presentations:

  • Additional equipment necessary for presentation if requested by deadlines dates (requests for equipment should be made as early as possible)
  • When requesting equipment, you should be very specific about your requirements. We have provided a list of the most frequently requested equipment for your reference.


Here is a list of most often requested equipment. When requesting equipment, please use the terms on this list so that we can best understand your needs.

Sound equipment includes

  • Wireless lavaliere microphone (available if needed)

Audiovisual equipment includes:

  • LCD projector
  • Screen
  • Flipchart with markers (available if needed)
  • Audio Speakers (available if needed)


Workshop Location - Typically located in the Host Hotel

Room setup - Rooms are typically set up U-Shape or best fit for the space with all audio/visual equipment for that day.


Feedback helps Joyfields to continually improve the quality of workshop education, programming and planning.

  • Attendees. Each attendee is encouraged to complete an evaluation form and provide comments on your session.
  • You. We encourage speakers to provide us with feedback at any time.


Q: Why am I not permitted to sell/promote my products and services in the workshop room before, during or after my session.

  • Attendees come to the session for an educational experience and not to hear a sales pitch. They consistently give negative evaluations to sessions that they perceive to be "product pitches."
  • The education programs are set on a tight schedule to allowed time between sessions for lunch & breaks.

Thank you for reviewing the Speaker Guidelines. If you have any questions, contact Yvette Hughes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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