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Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshop

April 5, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Being An Evidence-Based Justice Professional: Core Skills For Working With The Justice Involved Citizens

A full day session designed to provide the organizational and practitioner frameworks upon which a comprehensive citizens' reentry program would be based in order to insure its clients' success and the program sustainability.

This training is standardized formal education for case management and coordination teams working with justice-involved adults and youth. Such teams would include counselors, community services providers, courts and probation staff, social workers and clinical teams. The program fleshes out the evidence-based "common elements" they must possess as practitioners to help their clients improve and move forward successfully with their lives - vs punishing, warning or "rehabilitating". It has been developed as a “pathway or logic model” to help practitioners hone capabilities in the essential skills they must possess to work effectively with their clients. These "common elements" serve as the vehicle for confidently and efficiently "wearing the two hats", ie working to help clients achieve personal success goals while navigating orders of probations or mandates.

“Partnering” is a term that operationalizes a deeper knowledge and skillful application of sophisticated facilitation skills by the practitioner. In effect this advances the skills of the practitioner beyond expert knowledge of disorders and their remedies to a level of facilitation that impressively enables the person being served to benefit from the contact moment, in any method, program or practice. 


Participants in the program will receive formal education in how to help their clients regain or strengthen their ability to perform critical life functions necessary to thrive as they reenter their communities and ultimately be skillful in the application of evidence-based and strength-centered approaches. They will also be in a position to;


Learn how to plan for continued personal and professional development following formal education. Going beyond just formal degrees and licenses and learning what to do to insure their continued professional development.


Get a clearer more advanced understanding of “Evidence based” practice and programs - beyond the typical introductory and moderate definitions. What kinds there are, their meaning, what they are for, how they work, why they important for what you do in working with your clients.


Be able to distinguish between EB and intuitive. Move toward recognizing and making use of that which is intuitive in your client interactions


Be in a position to evaluate and rate what you are doing for fidelity and efficacy


Be in a position to develop a plan to improve what you do using the results of a self evaluation. Make use of the plan developed to improve your supervisory activities.


Learn the various EBP's and their uses in all practice. Learn which are specific to supervising clients and work to specialize in the use of one or more that suit your area of focus


Gain fundamental working knowledge of more than 2 or more evidence based approaches that are relevant to your specific area, learn how they fit together as part of the larger whole.


Be in a position to design and document your activities in a manner that helps to facilitate the recovery and successful completion of justice requirements, orders of probation, etc.


Practitioners must document, understand its purpose and evolve their plans such that it shows up in a certain way that connects to the reason for plan, its process and the adjustments, for plan to achieve the intended outcome.


Path an annual training and development programs for evidence-based practices to deepen the knowledge of methods and of the theoretical background for the use of evidence based approaches. Membership in a professional group to foster professional engagement and ongoing development.

Agencies are encouraged to attend as teams, as this will help accelerate the adoption and transition toward becoming an EBO.

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