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H.I.R.E. - Helping Individuals Regain Employment

An Evidence Based and Strength Centered Workforce Development Approach

The H.I.R.E program is designed to train workforce teams on evidence-based and strength centered employment focused approaches.  It is a comprehensive program to help staff obtain skills for helping their clients become gainfully employed even if they may have severe barriers. 

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Comprehensive Workshop

H.I.R.E. directs focus to training clients for skills that are currently demanded by area employers.  It also works to expand the range of resources available for meeting the job search and job retention needs of clients.

The typical workforce system, by design of the federal government, includes a tiered approach to entering employment.  Core services or self-directed job search is through a universal access system open to the public.  This self-directed model may work for some, however it presents immense challenges for the hardest to employ.

The Helping Individuals Regain Employment (H.I.R.E) program provides participants with supported and structured case managed navigation through the career exploration, job search, job placement, and job retention processes. For applicants or recipients who do not possess key skills to complete self-directed job search that lead to gainful employment a more intensive job search and placement assistance services are needed.  Various funding sources must be identified to assist the job placement, TANF and Justice Involved included.

If barriers are still present and need to be addressed with education or talent development, then referral to training services through various Workforce and Career Services remedies may be provided. This tiered approach is designed to assist those who are in need of more progressive support in their employment endeavors.

The H.I.R.E program is designed to working collaboratively with community partners to provide a one-stop environment for customers to address their employment needs.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Participants will learn evidence-based workforce development, job creation and workshop facilitation skills

  1. Alignment of Agency Key Results
  2. Workshop Outcomes and Goals
  3. Alignment of Program Outcomes
  4. Implementation of Programming
  5. Workforce Remedies
  6. Create Timelines


Implementing H.I.R.E. - Helping Individuals Regain Employment

This program implements what is taught in the workshop.  Work is spread over a 6-month period. The aim at the end is to have the H.I.R.E. program and its components in place. There will be approximately 6 site visits during which the facilitator will provide guidance, monitor and coach, train, assist with roll outs, guide data gathering and work with the program evaluator to insure outcomes sought are achieved.

Following is brief outline of what to expect during the implementation period;

Month-1 following Workshop: 3-Day on-site work

  • Basic Data Collection of all programs
  • Assessment of programs, orientation and current process
  • Clear understanding of program requirements
  • Staff surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Debrief with staff regarding desired outcomes and results.

Month-2 following Workshop: 2-Day on-site work

  • Training of new HIRE model
  • Training on model/training on the workshop modules to select trainers
  • Model workshop modules to staff for customers (run full day training for customers – 2 modules)

Month-3 following Workshop: 1-Day on-site visit

  • Follow up training to address workshop/program challenges
  • Program/Workshop mentoring and reviewing
  • Debrief of workshop and program review

Month-4 following Workshop: 1-Day on-site visit

  • Program review, assistance with customer outcomes and challenges
  • How to engage employers with new process

Month-5 following Workshop: 2-Day on-site

  • Performance Outcomes (supervisor and managers)
  • Train on new performance review matrix
  • How to tie to performance smart goals and performance reviews
  • Tracking of program outcomes, return on investment

Month-6 following Workshop: 1-Day on-site visit and executive de-brief

  • Post survey with staff and customers
  • Debrief with executive staff.

At the end of the implementation engagement, the career services team ought to have a coherent employment focused H.I.R.E. system in place.

* Other Relevant Workshops

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  • H.I.R.E. for Returning Citizens - Helping Individuals Regain Employment model for citizens reentering the community.

  • Culture of Poverty - Strength based job search approach for staff working with clients from disadvantaged socio economic populations and regions

  • Model of Accountability, Performance Measurement and Evaluation - Modular training, information and technologies to engage staff, enhance outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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