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Tom Clements

Serial Entrepreneur and Adviser to Nonprofit & Forprofit Organizations, Author, "How to Run A Nonprofit: The 'Go To' Guide for All Nonprofit Manager"
Tom Clements

Tom Clements is a serial entrepreneur having been successful in both the for profit and nonprofit worlds. Besides selling his company for $70,000,000, he has helped a company go public, started two nonprofits, one of which was Catholic College and the other creating a residential Catholic High School in Ghana, Africa. There are now 700 students living and going to high school in a remote area who would not have been able to go to school without this effort.

Tom has worked with numerous other nonprofits to help them raise millions and be more effective in their operations. In doing so he used traditional as well as non traditional approaches very successfully.

Tom is a sought after presenter with laser-sharp insights and personal experiences he shares to help leaders and managers enhance their clients' outcomes, grow their organization exponentially and thrive using resources they have.

He is currently assisting others in starting nonprofits or making changes for the enterprise to thrive. Tom lives in the Atlanta, GA area with his wife Juliana.