Survey Data Gathering, Administration and Analysis

Many agencies and organizations lack the time, expertise, and other resources needed to collect survey data from staff members and clients. In addition, when survey data are collected internally (by employees of the agency), concerns about anonymity and confidentially of the data often generate resistance, suspicion, and low survey response rates. By allowing anonymous survey data to be collected and analyzed by Joyfields Institute for Professional Development, these problems can be overcome, and the results can be used for organizational development and evidence-based growth.


Description of Services

Joyfields Institute for Professional Development provides online survey administration and data analysis for agencies and organizations interested in learning about themselves and becoming more data-driven and evidence-based. We have the ability to administer prepared organizational assessment surveys for staff and leadership team members, as well as to produce customized surveys to fit the needs of your agency. Survey data also can be collected from clients, in order to assess their perceptions and outcomes, along with overall program effectiveness.

Survey data are collected anonymously online and subsequently are analyzed. Results and interpretations then are reported back to participating agencies and organizations. These results can be used for assessing such things as organizational culture and climate; understanding and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices; and perceptions of leadership. In addition, survey data and findings can be very useful for evaluating program performance, engaging in strategic planning, developing staff, and enhancing internal and external communication and collaboration. The online survey format also allows for efficient and cost effective data collection and analysis, timely feedback from Joyfields Institute consultants, and the opportunity to become a more evidence-based organization.

Justice system and human service agencies and organizations benefit from our survey administration and data analysis services.  


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